Research ethics

Bradford College is reviewing and developing its research ethics approval process. These are some of the links we are finding useful:

Association of Research Ethics Committees An independent, self-governing body of Research Ethics Committees. Universities now form the core of AREC membership.

BERA Ethical Guidelines for Educational Research Core principles are that all educational research should be conducted within an ethic of respect for the person; knowledge; democratic values; the quality of educational research and academic freedom.

Defining Research: NHS leaflet from National Patient Safety AgencyThe first question in considering whether ethical approval is necessary is ‘is it research’? The ESRC Framework helps answer that question, and so does this leaflet. Basically, the following are not usually defined as research: routine audit; performance reviews; quality assurance studies; testing within normal education requirements; literary or artistic criticism.

ESRC Framework for Research Ethics This framework was established in 2005 and is subjected to regular review. It is very clear, with strong core principles and structures. ESRC will only fund institutions that have processes in place that meet the Council’s minimum expectations as set out in its Framework.

Kings College London Research Ethics

Social Care Research Ethics Committee

Social Research Association Ethical Guidelines

Standard Operation Procedures – National Research Ethics Service

UK Data Archive
Very useful on range of topics, including consent, ethics, access and other aspects of data management.

UK Research Integrity Office (UKRIO)

University of Sheffield: Undertaking Good Research (Ethics, Integrity and Governance)

Teeside University Research Governance Policy, Procedures and Guidelines for Research Ethics, 2012 edition

Open Access

Open access is free online access to the outputs of publicly funded research. It can apply to research reports, peer-reviewed journals, conference papers, theses and dissertations (for the distinction between thesis and dissertation see Lancaster University definitions).

Data Archive
Based at the University of Essex

ETHOS aims offer a ‘single point of access’ where researchers the world over can access all theses produced by UK Higher Education. It is run by the British Library.

JISC Open Access

Loughborough University guidance

Open Doar
A full list of open access repositories worldwide.

Open Rights Group
Exists to preserve and promote individual rights in the digital age.

The University of Massacheusetts
Has some good introductory information on open access.

UK Open Access Implementation Group


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