The College Ethics Guided Walk, May 2013

The College Ethics blog is delighted to have led the first College Ethics walk – to mark national walking month and the start of the Global Corporate Challenge. You can find out about our walk in the slideshow below, and there’s also a short audio clip about Doris Birdsall and some useful links. Thanks to everyone who took part.

Listen to a recording of Sandra Vine-Jenkins and Jillian Mercer remembering Doris:

Other useful links:

Ethical biscuits: palm oil

Thanks to:

  • Our experts, Dr Susan Boyce, Ben Tongue, Ian Brown, Sandra Vine-Jenkins, Jillian Mercer, Neil Moore, Pam Sheldon
  • Our Walking Champion, Jonathan Curtis

The walkers:

Susan Boyce – Ed Briggs – Zoe Corcoran – Jonathan Curtis – York Dixon – Joanne Fawthrop – Gail Hall – Gail Holmes – Emma Haycock – Susan Houlbrook – Vanessa Hutchison – Julia Kendall – Maria Mousawi – Linda Taglione – Ben Tongue – Sandra Vine-Jenkins – Fran Walker – Andy Welsh – Ruth Wilson

Text by Ruth Wilson, images by Ruth Wilson and Jonathan Curtis, Bradford College


7 thoughts on “The College Ethics Guided Walk, May 2013

  1. Fabulous posts Ruth and great pictures. The weather was awful but it has picked up since, thank goodness! Love Gail and Fran eating the biscuits!!

  2. great post about a brilliant event, despite the weather! there was so much to see in such a short distance and i am sure we can find other items of interest nearby. well done to you and Jonathan for organising.

  3. “The College Ethics blog is delighted to have led the first College Ethics walk – to mark national walking month and the start of the Global Corporate Challenge”…

    Not often that you see the words ‘Ethics’ and ‘Global Corporate’ in the same sentence… Seeing as most global corporations are reknowned for their utter lack of ethics (eg; towards their workers and the environment) – how does this tally?

    And from looking at the GCC website, it seems to be advocating the use of ‘tracking devices’ worn by members of staff… I fully appreciate that the use of tracking devices are voluntary at the moment, but it could quite easily be the top end of a very slippery slope indeed. I found this quote from their website a little worrying: “We use leading-edge technologies to support effective behavioural change in your employees…” I’ve always found that fair rates of pay and being treated with a modicum of respect by those in charge to be much more effective in supporting ‘behavioural change’ in employees rather than any sort of technological gizmos.

    • Hi Dan, good to hear from you, sorry you couldn’t join us on the walk.

      The GCC is a four month scheme where teams of volunteers set out to try and walk at least 10,000 steps a day. There’s a pedometer, and you input the number of steps each day. Online, everyone starts in Rio and then, as your steps add up as a team, you get to other destinations – My team has reached Peru (there are a few airline flights along the way). So that’s the tracking, I guess. I am constantly intrigued by how it works, and really pleased that I am working for employer that is taking part because in my experience it boosts health and well-being and gets you walking with and talking to other walkers at work (though you don’t have to do that!). For me, the interesting ethical issue is around telling the truth about your steps.

      Best wishes, Ruth

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