CSR Summary Report Useful Links

This is the list of most useful links for the summary report on social responsibility at Bradford College:

General guidance: Ethics Matters – Managing Ethical Issues in Higher Education; Real Integrity
Equality and diversity: Edinburgh University 
Widening participation: Aberystwyth University
Student experience:
1994 Group Student Experience Policy Group; Universities UK; Warwickshire College customer services and Putting you first
Health and safety and safeguarding:
Sussex Downs College Be healthy; Student welfaresafeguarding and student welfare policies.
Student Charters:
University of Bradford; University of Anglia; University of Hertfordshire; University of Cardiff
Community and employer engagement:
North Lindsey College; Kensington and Chelsea College; Ludlow College employer engagement strategy; University of Bradford Escalate initiative: building employer engagement; University of Sheffield Alumni, Civic University, Community Relations
Ethical procurement: Association of Colleges Regional Procurement Team; Durham University Ethical Procurement Policy; Everyone Procures Kingston University Ethical Procurement Policy; Langside College Sustainable Procurement Policy
Environment: University of
Durham: Greenspace. Durham has a very coherent set of environmental policies. Oxford Brookes – net positive impact approach. Bath Spa – environment focus (see also green impact section). Exeter University sustainability and business and community.
Sustainability in the curriculum:
University of Gloucestershire’s Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy includes ‘Learning for Sustainable Development’. It’s Sustainability Strategy aims to embed sustainability within all professional courses by 2015. Oxford Brookes has recently audited for sustainability in the curriculum.


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