Invitation to an ethical walk in National Walking Month

Its national walking month, and I am going to lead an ethics walk with my colleague Jonathan Curtis, the College’s Walking Champion. Its 12.30 – 1.30, Thursday 23rd May. Staff, students and their friends, everyone is welcome (though you have to book in advance – see below). I am hoping for a beautiful spring day (see the picture, which shows one of our wonderful Victorian buildings, taken by the newly-established Bradford-WWI Film School).

Bradford College on a wonderful day for a walk.

Bradford College on a wonderful day for a walk.

We will go to a few interesting spots on or close to the College campus and talk briefly about why they matter. It’s been fun setting it up – we have a couple of outside experts joining us from neighbouring Bradford University, and its been fascinating talking to them. The message we are putting out is that you don’t have to know anything about ethics to join in – you don’t even have to be ethical! Its hopefully going to be enjoyable walk with colleagues and others, with some ethical biscuits at the end.

Photos will be taken, and there will be a write up of the walk afterwards here on the blog. Places are limited: book now by contacting Jonathan Curtis on j.curtis at

Global Corporate Challenge – in addition, Bradford College is taking part in the GCC, which challenges people to walk 10,000 steps a day for four months. Its a fantastic scheme, and I’ll write more about it once its in full swing.


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