War and Art: using digital tools to give voice to the audience

Our February War and Art conference and exhibition was a huge success. A packed audience met at Bradford College and the National Media Museum to explore these important themes.

The audience at the National Media Museum, War and Art, February 2013

The audience at the National Media Museum, War and Art, February 2013

I wanted to find ways of capturing the event that would do it justice, and would help give voice to the audience. I know that people don’t have time to listen to lengthy material, and I wanted media that allowed for feedback. I have therefore combined ThingLink and SoundCloud in a simple way that I hope gives participants and others the chance to enjoy a few, brief voices from the floor. You can leave comments in either environment, though for ThingLink you do have to sign up in order to leave feedback.

To give you a flavour, here is one short voice from the audience. Go to ThingLink for the full effect, and visit our website for a slideshow that has many powerful images, quotes and highlights from the event. I have to thank the recent University of Edinburgh ELearning and Digital Cultures course for the opportunity to explore and start using these interesting online tools.

By the way – I didn’t ask people to be nice! I think it was one of those events that knocks everyone off their feet.

The recording was done with an Ediroll, then edited in Audacity, exported to iTunes to go from WAV to MP3, and then uploaded to SoundCloud (I never thought I could sound so ‘tecchie’ – perhaps I will get geek status eventually!). (Thank you Richard Layden for your help.)

Text and recordings by Ruth Wilson, Bradford College.


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