Bradford College mission and values

It seems good to start by stating the College vision and values. These are set out in our Strategic Plan 2010-2015, are based on consultation with stakeholders, and appear on our website and in various other documents.

Bradford College Mission: To help students from the region, nationally and internationally, achieve their potential and make a rewarding contribution to their own communities.

Bradford College Vision for 2015, as articulated by its students: to provide the skills and knowledge to help access careers and improve life chances.

The college prides itself on being student-centered, and we have seven ‘E’s which sum up our core values:

Employability: The College from which employers actively seek students who not only have the subject knowledge of their course of study, but the wider skills required for today’s work place as well as good levels of literacy, numeracy and IT literacy.

Equality and diversity: An open and welcoming College where equality and diversity is celebrated and promoted and discrmination challenged. Where staff and student communities reflect the demographic of the local population and where students are prepeared for work in diverse labour markets.

Enterprise: The college with a reupatation for supporting entrepreneurship and producing entrepreneurs.

Enrichment and Entitlement: the college where student enrichment opportuntiies and entitlement to employability skills are regarded as a source of compettitve advantage.

Environment: the College that educates students who can contribute to the sustainability agenda in today’s workplace and society in general.

Engaging Employers: the College that engages with employers in the public and private sectors and the voluntary and community sector and is the first choice provider for the areas in which it delivers curriculum.

Excellence: the College with the reputation for providing excellent courses, customer service and academic outcomes.

I have to choose a framework for my mapping exercise that will help me catch the key areas of policy and activity in a way that is relevant to the College, and is thorough without being overwhelming. Organisational ethics runs through everything we do. I will use the seven Es as one of a few checklists both in constructing the framework and then looking at the information we gather.

A first thought is that the ‘Environment’ value does not capture everything the College aspires to. For instance, a major construction project is underway which has various carbon-reduction features. Here’s an artists impression:



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